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— album releases —

Album cover of I Want to Hold It So Close by B Pictures
Album cover of Kill off the Night by Jeff Bright & the Sunshine Boys
Album cover of Twitch by The Pleasures Pale

B Pictures

I Want to Hold It So Close

July 29, 2022



A neo-psychedelic post-punk time machine melding raw compositions and rehearsal sketches of a fledgling basement band in 1984 with 38-years-later vocal performances and arrangement flourishes. I Want to Hold It So Close includes 11 tracks featuring future members of Guided by Voices and The Pleasures Pale. Performing but six times, all at the Gem City's beloved Canal Street Tavern, B Pictures made a brief but vibrant mark on the mid-1980s Dayton OH indie music scene. 

Album cover of Instant Karma Cannot Get Me by Myself a Living Torch

Jeff Bright & the Sunshine Boys

Kill off the Night

March 11, 2022

streaming + limited edition vinyl


In 1994, Myself a Living Torch became Jeff Bright & the Sunshine Boys. Marking this radical departure, Kill off the Night collects their first recordings. Its "western noir" sound is a subtle nod to the melancholy elegance of 1960s cosmopolitan “crossover” music — not country, not pop, not rock, not blues — the kind that, for those of a certain age, lingers in memory's corners long after the phonograph ceases to play. Limited edition of 50 numbered retail copies includes photos, liner notes, lyrics and 180-gram 33 RPM stereo pressing in classic black vinyl.

Album cover of Daily Living Is a Herculean Art by The Pleasures Pale

The Pleasures Pale



January 7, 2022 

streaming + limited edition vinyl


Previously unreleased 4-song EP of The Pale's final ReFraze Studio recordings from the summer of 1987 captures them at peak form reaching for a more expansive sound and embracing ever more challenging lyrical themes — misfit revolution and sexual confusion, no less. Features the anthem, "Only the Rich" and the long-running favorite "Most Precious Things" on the A-side, "Not Fey" and "Punishment Place" on the flip. Limited edition of 25 retail copies includes complete liner notes, photos, lyrics and 180-gram lathe-cut clear vinyl 45 RPM stereo disc.

Album cover of Edge of Night by Darke County

Myself a Living Torch

Instant Karma Cannot Get Me


June 4, 2021 

streaming + deluxe edition CD


Apocalyptic pop like no other, Instant Karma Cannot Get Me is a doomsday catalog presented in 10 swelling guitar symphonies — surf music for an astral tsunami, speeding toward an unreachable, unknowable shore. Conjoined with its (forthcoming) sister LP, The Human Condition, IKCGM can be seen as the zenith as well as the beginning of the subsequent phase-out of the darkly humorous project that was Myself a Living Torch. Gatefold eco-wallet includes 10-song disc, full credits and liner notes, plus 12-page lyric/photo booklet.

The Pleasures Pale

Daily Living Is a Herculean Art


December 1, 2020 

streaming + deluxe edition CD


In the fall of 1985, in the basement of a largely empty and surely haunted house in North Dayton, The Pleasures Pale came into being. A collection of demos and rarities, Daily Living Is a Herculean Art is a motion study of inception, representative of a rich idea unfurling — and it is, even more so, a vision of that idea projected 35 years into the future. Gatefold wallet includes 16-song disc and 6-panel insert with lyrics and historical liner notes.

Darke County

Edge of Night


July 23, 2020 

streaming + deluxe edition CD


Begun in 1990, buried in 1991, exhumed in 2019 and finished in 2020, this uniquely rich material has been restored, complimented with further recording, and at last given the exposure it justly deserves. Time has only rendered this concoction of styles more fascinating, poignant, and oddly brilliant — a trove of artifacts from the waning days of San Francisco's bohemian era. Digipak wallet includes 20-song disc, full credits and historical liner notes, plus 6-panel lyric/photo insert. 

Album cover of The Pleasures Pale! (Remastered) by The Pleasures Pale

The Pleasures Pale

The Pleasures Pale! (Remastered)


February 22, 2019 

streaming + deluxe edition CD


Remaster of debut LP from influential Dayton, Ohio indie quartet, The Pleasures Pale. Recorded 1986-87 at ReFraze Studio and originally released in January 1988 — three months after the band's breakup — on Cincinnati's Heresy Records. Transferred from pre-master cassette, restored, selectively edited and mastered. Gatefold wallet includes 12-song disc, 8-page lyric/photo booklet and extensive liner notes.

Myself a Living Torch

Citizen Self


September 1992 

streaming +  original CD & cassette


Bammie-nominated six-song EP recorded in 1992 at Brilliant Studios in San Francisco. Available on CD and cassette in original '90s-era packaging. Produced by Norman Kerner, graphic design by G2DK, photography by LN Cavendar, and hand-in-glove modeling by Rodney O'Neal Austin. Citizen Self exists as a prescient commentary on the state of the young adult American psyche in the waning years of the 20th Century, and the only crystalline rendering of the enigma that was Myself a Living Torch.

— streaming singles —

Cover art for "Happy Love Ghosts (It Haunts Me Now)" digital singel by The Pleasures Pale
Cover art for "Edge of Night (Carnival of Desires) digital single by Darke County
Cover art for "Mermaid of Marin (Black Sand Beach)" digital single by Myself a Living Torch
Cover art for "Lovely Lovely" digital single by The Pleasures Pale
Cover art for "I'm (Still) Missing You" digital single by Jeff Bright & the Sunshine Boys
Cover art for "Show Me a Pearl" digital single by Myself a Living Torch
Cover art for "How I Dreamt of You" digital single by The Pleasures Pale
Cover art for "(You Come True) In Venus Fur digital single by Myself a Living Torch
Cover art for "Kiss Me Friday" digital single by Darke County
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