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Jeffrey Bright circa 1986
15 years in song


Once upon a life, from 1984 in Ohio through 1999 in California, with a series of musicians in a series of bands, I wrote and performed music as either Jeffrey Bright or Jeff Bright. This archive is a condensed documentation of that music, the effort and love to create and support that music, the people who performed it and the aesthetic arc of that musical journey.


The recordings presented here have been transferred and restored from a variety of analog and digital tape sources. Performances captured include song sketches, rehearsals, live appearances, multi-track home-recorded demos, as well as professionally engineered studio sessions. Some have been edited and/or completed with additional recording. A few recordings in this archive were previously released on vinyl, cassette or compact disc; most were not. This archive represents a chance to share these long hidden songs and performances with the world. 


Please enjoy the music here free of charge, or kindly support the project with a purchase. Your patronage is greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,

Jeffrey Bright

Laura Delaney photo 1986

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