darke county

san francisco ca 1988-1991

9 Sep 1989
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18 Sep 1989
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11 Nov 1989
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24 Nov 1989
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30 Nov 1989
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9 Dec 1989
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13 Jan 1990
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31 March 1990
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12 May 1990
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1989​ show dates

sep 9 — chi chi club, san francisco ca

sep 18 — blue lamp, san francisco ca

nov 11 — chi chi club, san francisco ca

nov 24 — blue lamp, san francisco ca

nov 30 — the albion, san francisco ca

dec 9 — 6th street rendezvous, san francisco ca

1990 show dates

jan 13 — blue lamp, san francisco ca

mar 16 — blue lamp, san francisco ca

mar 20 —klub das, san francisco ca

mar 30 —hotel utah, san francisco ca

mar 31 — blue lamp, san francisco ca

may 12 — hotel utah, san francisco ca

jun 16 — the albion, san francisco ca

jun 21 — cafe claude, san francisco ca

aug 10 — hotel utah, san francisco ca

sep 7 — blue lamp, san francisco ca

sep 20 — cafe claude, san francisco ca

oct 3 — brainwash cafe, san francisco ca

oct 5 — hotel utah, san francisco ca

oct 31 — college of marin, kentfield ca

nov 16 — hotel utah, san francisco ca

dec 8 — hotel utah, san francisco ca


1991 show dates

jan 11 — spike's speak, san francisco ca

feb 15 — spike's speak, san francisco ca

feb 16 — cafe bastille, san francisco ca

mar 16 — cafe claude, san francisco ca

apr 13 — hotel utah, san francisco ca

apr 17 — blue lamp, san francisco ca

apr 20 — cafe claude, san francisco ca

jun 22 — el rio, san francisco ca

jul 13 — cafe claude, san francisco ca

jul 19 —martini club, san francisco ca

jul 28 — spike's speak, san francisco ca

aug 9 — mama coco's, san francisco ca

aug 16 — hotel utah, san francisco ca

After the breakup of The Pleasures Pale in late 1987, Darke County was conceived in the southwest corner of Ohio by songwriting duo Jeffrey Bright and Eric Schulz. Bass player Chris "Troy" Green, formerly of industrial music kingpins Dementia Precox, was added and the three packed bags and headed west. Bright and Green arrived in San Francisco mid-August 1988, Schulz two months later in October.


Spending the better part of 1989 developing a sound and auditioning drummers, the trio began playing the city's small club circuit in the months surrounding the October Loma Prieta earthquake, debuting on September 9, 1989 at the deliciously funky Chi Chi Theater Club on Broadway in SF's bawdy strip club corridor. San Pedro native David Rojas played drums for the band's first half dozen shows and is heard playing on DC's first full band recording — captured live at Turk Street Studios in the city's seedy Tenderloin district.


In early 1990 a demo was recorded at Tom Mallon's 350 Bryant studio with Kenny Dale Johnson of Chris Isaak's Silvertone sitting in on drums. Finally, in March of that year, Bay Area native and former member of local 1980's punk act Impatient Youth Christopher Fisher (also a 1970's teenage skateboarding sensation), was added as permanent drummer, beginning a musical relationship that would endure through the band's various future incarnations.


Darke County's music was a  landscape of tall tales and mysteries of the heart. Fronted by Bright's crooning and neonoir lyrics, the band's sound swung from sparse and moody to sonic fury, mixing twang, groove, shuffle, 50's jazz cool and straight ahead rock punch.


In addition to vocal stylings, Bright played trumpet and occasional acoustic and baritone guitars. Schulz played electric 6-string and acoustic 12-string guitars and added backing vocals — and just about any other instrument that needed playing, including accordian. Green suppled the backbone with 4- and 6-string bass guitar, as well as acoustic double bass, and Fisher propelled the sound with solid beats on the trap set, including delicate brushwork on more intimate numbers.


Moving toward a harder, more expanisve sound, and feeling constricted by Darke County's implied and overt Americana, the band changed direction and identity. After much consternation and debate, and increasingly louder rehearsals, the band re-introduced themselves — to the bewilderment of many followers — in August of 1991 as Myself a Living Torch.


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