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jeff bright & the sunshine boys

another nail in my heart

10-song LP, previously unreleased demos, transferred from DAT; except 4 released in 1998 on 7-inch vinyl by star tone records (san francisco, california)


voice, guitar – jeffrey bright

guitars – kansas city kevin ink

pedal steel guitar – eric e-bone schulz

bass fiddle – david antony

drums – christopher fisher


all words – bright

all music – bright


my heart skips a beat – buck owens

tarnished angel – roger miller

under your spell again – buck owens/dusty rhodes



produced by jeffrey bright

engineered by kevin ink

the studio that time forgot

san francisco, california



cover photo – david perry

cover design – jeffrey bright

c) 1997 Jeff Bright & the Sunshine Boys

p) 2016 Jeffrey Alan Bright Music Archive

Fugitive Music Publishing / BMI

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