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myself a living torch

the human condition

10-song LP

transferred from original 8-track tape,

digitally restored, finished with additional recording, mixed and mastered

voice, guitar – jeffrey bright

guitars – eric schulz

string bass, bass guitars – chris troy green

drums – christopher fisher

additional tracks – jeffrey bright


words – bright

music – bright & schulz


initial recording:

produced by myself a living torch

engineered by eric schulz

the minna mansion

san francisco, california


tape transfer:

tardon feathered / mr. toad's

richmond, california


restoration, editing, additional recording,

mixing, mastering:

studio la casa

san francisco, california


cover photo & design – jeffrey bright


c) 1992–1993 Myself a Living Torch

p) 20xx Jeffrey Alan Bright Music Archive

Fugitive Music Publishing / BMI

An updated restoration of this LP is in progress.

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